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Myofascial Lift

Our golden girl facial. If you want to see a visible lift in one facial then this holistically balanced silent facial will guarantee results both internally and externally.

The Myofascial Lift

70 minutes


The Myofascial Lift Facial is a Facial like no other. Myofascial release reduces tension and pain in the neck, shoulders, jaw and chest, breathing slows, and clients can relax deeply into the next phase of the facial which is a toning and lymph massage to really boost circulation and tone facial muscles. We use a unique enzymatic lifting mask which cocoons the entire face, eyes and neck. We can add the power of LED if required. Application of corrective serums and hydrators plus an SPF complete this unique Facial designed by Caroline.

Q: what is fascia?
A: Fascia covers our entire body from head to toe it is like a webbing over our muscles and connective tissue. Over time it becomes tight and compacted leading it is linked to our whole body including our nervous system.
Q: I am a jaw clencher will this help?
A: Yes, indeed Caroline designed this facial to help with this specific issue by using specific techniques to release the jaw.
Q: how will I feel afterwards?
A: Like you are floating on air. You will feel hugely relaxed and even a little lightheaded we advise lots of clear liquid and an early night.
Q: can I wear make up?
A: Yes, you can but your skin is going to look so rested, puffiness and uneven skin tone is reduced.
Q: How often can I have this?
A: If you are working to reduce stress and old holding habits i.e. jaw clenching then come in fortnightly.

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