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We understand the importance of good skincare. At S/P we are fully qualified in Cosmetic Chemistry and have Post Graduate training in Skincare Science.

Caroline personally sources each skincare brand we carry at S/P so that clients can safely relax knowing that each topical application used in the clinic and at home will be matched to individual requirements, this means skin reactions and allergies are dramatically reduced and eliminated making the investment in your skin worthwhile.




At S/P we specialise solely in Facials and Skin Treatments with the benefit of giving you visible results at every visit which is why it is vital that we provide every client with not only the absolute best Facial or Treatment but with an ongoing home care regimen that compliments your lifestyle and respects our environment.

It is more important today than ever to tread lightly on our planet, to reduce carbon footprints, reduce excessive packaging, recycle, repurpose, and use animal-friendly brands. At S/P we source our products from reputable companies that work with a similar ethos to our own.




To get exceptional results we need exceptional products! this is so true. The essence of a good Facial is dependent on many things 1 of these being what goes into your skin and how the skin cells assimilate those ingredients. We use several product pathways those mainly being.

Cosmeceuticals: are highly condensed active ingredients such as vitamins, Aha’s, bha’s enzymes plus stem cell extracts etc.


Biologicals: are produced using technology to enhance the effectiveness of ingredients such as Shea butter, Jojoba oil, vitamins, and plant extracts

Organic: Ingredients are organically farmed and sourced without pesticides and fertilizers.


Aromatherapy: Natural plant and oil extracts to help improve the health of the skin and wellbeing of the mind.




P.C.A: Cosmeceutical


ASPECT: Cosmeceutical


YONKA : Aromatherapy

SOCIETE’: Cosmeceutical

DERMEDICS: Biological / Cosmeceutical  


MESOESTETIC : Cosmeceutical/Scientific                                 


At S/P we are here to help all clients achieve their vision of great skin. If you would like to know more about our skincare brands and which products will suit your needs then simply visit our bookings page and hit “ I am not sure” and let us know if you would like to meet for a chat about our skin changing products.

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