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Bespoke Facials

If you are wanting to relax and nurture your inner goddess, then our Bespoke facials are a great option. Our carefully curated facials are individually matched to your skins needs making it easy for you to relax and let go.

THE MENO FACIAL Clinical Perimenopause and Menopause Treatment

75 mins


Our Clinical Perimenopause & Menopause facial is a customisable treatment designed to target and minimise the effects that perimenopause and menopause have on the skin. This facial will address the symptoms that are already presenting on the skin, whilst also helping to minimise the impact of these hormonal changes.
When it comes to how your skin will be impacted by perimenopause or the menopause, all women are different; some will breeze through this time and others will struggle with multiple symptoms. That’s why we tailor the facial to address your individual concerns. 
These symptoms might include: a loss of elasticity and volume, acne and breakouts, dryness, dullness, sensitivity, a thinning of the skin, and an uneven skin tone and texture. Conditions such as rosacea and hyperpigmentation may also become worse. This treatment will be tailored to actively target each of your individual symptoms.
At this pivotal time in a woman’s life, it is important to address the skins needs. We add a complimentary skin care prescription to your first visit which means that your home care routine reflects what happens in the clinic.

First time facial

30 minutes


With so many facials and medi treatments to choose from sometimes it’s a difficult choose so we have decided to give you a little taster.
If you have never experienced one of our skin changing facials try our First time Facial and find out how easy it is to have a good skin day every day.
This is an introduction treatment where we will cleanse, exfoliate and mask your skin to perfection.

The Hydra 7 Facial

70 minutes


The Hydra 7 Facial incorporates 7 different modalities and or topicals. Designed by Caroline to be a superior Hydra Facial the results speak for themselves. The perfect red carpet treatment. Collagen production. Increased H2O. Reduced pore size. Instant firmness. Even pigment. Best Facial Ever!

Q: why so many parts to this facial and what do you use?
A: its all about hydration right! By utilising 7 specific modalitities the skin really gets a boost
1. Glycolic peel
2. Microdrermabrasion
3. Dermafrac micro needling
4. LED
5. Soothing mask
6. High frequency

Prescription Treatment

45 minutes


This 45-minute treatment is one of our top selling Facials and really packs a punch! It is perfect for maintaining your skin on a regular basis. Each facial targets skin concerns such as congestion, dehydration and dry lack lustre skin.

Q: would this be the right facial for all age groups?
A: this facial is a great choice as it suits all skin types apart from active acne.

Facial Massage

30 minutes


Relax and unwind with our heavenly head, shoulder, neck and facial massage.
We gently cleanse your skin and tone followed by our aroma compress, then lay back and enjoy a tailored massage.

High Frequency Facial

70 minutes


If you are fed up with blocked pores and stubborn spots, then this antibacterial facial is the answer to your spot woes! A deep cleanse and exfoliation under our facial steamer will soften your pores so that we can
focus on extractions. Our blue LED light will reduce any bacteria build. Our lymph massage will remove toxins. We finish with a customized mask and our secret weapon...High Frequency is an amazing multitasker it reduces inflammation, increases circulation and literally KILLS spots.

Q: Will this facial cure my acne?
A: Acne needs to be treated in different ways but this facial will help reduce spots and blemishes.
Q: What is high frequency?
A: High frequency is a fast electrical current that makes a buzzy bee sound! It feels like pins and needles and is a completely natural way to treat all kinds of skin conditions.

Add On Specialist Masks


Our specialist masks really make an impact in your Facial or Treatment with formulas and ingredients including plant stem cell,collagen and rose petal for optimum results and lasting effect.

Bespoke Facial

60 minutes

From $160

All of our Facials are tailor made to fit individual requirements. Caroline's depth of experience, education and knowledge means all Facials have been designed by her and are not at all generic. Each Facial will include analysis of skin condition, application of cleansing and exfoliation techniques, masking (more than 1 may be used in each Facial) extractions (if required but not Milia removal). A deeply relaxing customized massage for relaxation, lymph drainage, pressure point, sinus or muscle toning. Serum, Hydrator and SPF application completes the process.


30 minutes


A professional consultation is a good place to start your skin journey. If you want to find out which treatment you should have or if you are not sure which cleanser to use or your skin is simply not behaving itself then we are here to help.

I am not sure!

We will help choose your Facial, Peel, Microdermabrasion, Collagen Induction or Epidermal Levelling Facial for you...No need to worry

Kick Up The Bum Facial

45 minutes per Facial

$270 for 2 facials paid in advance.

Sometimes our skin requires some extra love. This Facial is recommended when skin is under stress. This can be due to environmental factors, trauma, illness or simply lack of regular care. 2 x Facials 2 weeks apart
allows the skin to catch-up. The outcome better skin and a happier you.

Q: I have just come out of hospital and my skin is really dry will 2 facials be enough?
A: Once you have had your second facial your skin will feel much better we can then re-assess and work on a plan

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