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Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Before Your Facial What to wear:

You do not have to cleanse your skin before attending, that is our job!

Easy fitting clothes. You will need to remove your outer upper clothing but not your bra. We need to get to your shoulders for a massage so be mindful of that.

Facial piercings are best removed before coming however we understand if you cannot remove them.

Contact lenses and hearing aids can be removed it is up to you.

We will not ruin your hair!! But if you have long locks a hair tie would be a good idea.

After Your Facial:

Your skin is going to be looking and feeling fabulous here are a few tips post Facial.

  1. Try not to touch your face too much to avoid transferring bacteria.

  2. Keep your face dry for the rest of the day.

  3. Depending on your treatment you will not need to cleanse your skin until the following morning.

  4. Drink plenty of water

  5. Avoid getting hot and sweaty especially after Dermafrac, Clinical Peels and Mesotherapy.

  6. Your skin will be UV sensitive so stay out of the sun for 24 hours.

  7. You can wear make-up however your skin will be looking great so no need to pile on the foundation.

  8. If you have a reaction to any treatment it is essential to contact us via a phone call as soon as possible.

Facial Expectations:

Keeping it real. We are dedicated to helping you change and maintain your skin however we are not miracle workers. At Skinperfector we are exceptionally qualified and experienced to treat various skin conditions, but we are not Dermatologists, Doctors or Surgeons therefore if you have concerns beyond our repertoire of treatment’s we will happily refer you to the right person.


Caroline has worked in the skincare industry for a long time and is used to running and managing businesses. She has learned that If you need to cancel your booking that you please respect our profession and give us at least 24hrs notice. If you cancel on the day of your appointment, we would appreciate a cancellation fee of 50% to 100% of your treatment cost (it is up to you) We do not enforce this we would rather you, our valued client appreciate our business and respect our professionalism.

When NOT to come:

If you are unwell, please do not bring your germs with you especially at the contagious part of the illness. Also, if:

  1. You have active herpes on your face.

  2. Fresh sunburn, i.e., within 24-48 hrs. of exposure.

  3. If You are pregnant and lactating, we cannot perform clinical peels.

  4. If you are undergoing cancer treatment. We can perform certain Facials so let us know.

  5. Post Botox, fillers, IPL/Laser, and facial surgery. Let us know before you book, and we can advise you on what we can and can and cannot do.

  6. Any contagious skin condition.

  7. Open sores and burns.

Salon Etiquette:

We like to make your experience at Skinperfector to be the best- ever. Please observe our Salon etiquette.

Cell phones… love 'em or hate 'em they are part of our lives NOT part of your Facial.  You will be asked to turn your phone off completely when arriving and we do understand if you have small children at home or if you are an emergency worker you may need to be in constant contact.

Timing is everything so please arrive on time or 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you are running late simply send us a text to let us know (we will do the same for you too). Sometimes we may need to reschedule your appointment if you are running behind so please be mindful of this. We do not have waiting areas in either of our clinics. If you are early take a walk or enjoy scrolling in the privacy of your car.

If you have children, we would really appreciate they are cared for at home rather than in the salon.

Payment: We all love the money honey

We accept cash or direct payment into our designated account.


We also have eftpos and if you wish to use a credit card there is a 3% processing fee.


At Skinperfector we love, love, love meeting new clients. If you refer a client to us for any Facial treatment and that client mentions your name you will instantly receive a 20% discount on your next full-priced Facial.

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