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Hydrafacial gently resurfaces and removes compacted cells leaving your skin visibly brighter and smoother with NO downtime. At Skinperfector we offer four options for your Hydrafacial journey, each option brings your skin a step closer to perfection. Try a single treatment or keep your skin glowing all year long with one of our packages.

Hydrafacial Packages

Because you will fall in love with Hydrafacial you can simply purchase a block of four and we will GIFT you one so that you can come back for more! Or gift your free one to a friend.

Q: What is hydrabrasion
A: it is a wet form of microdermabrasion that removes debris from the pores and it pumps a gentle peel into the skin at the same time
Q: I have break outs can I have it?
A: Yes we can help with break outs especially if you have the hydra with LED
Q: why are there so many to choose from how do I know what to choose?
A: we can treat many different skin issues with this but if you are not sure just send us a message and we will get back to you.
Q: what is RF and ultrasound?
A: RF or radio frequency heats the skin gently to stimulate collagen fibres. Ultrasound as it sounds uses ultrasonic frequencies to help with cellular regeneration. Both of these are non-invasive and comfortable on the skin.
Q: is there any down time with the red carpet as I am getting married soon?
A: good question…this is the perfect facial for the bride to be because we are going to dermaplane as well as give your skin the hydrafacial experience. No down time just beautiful skin for your special day.

Red Carpet Hydrafacial

60 min


This amazing treatment also includes dermaplaning for the removal of vellus hair on the face. If you really want to give your skin something to glow about then this treatment will change how you look and feel about your skin.

Hydrafacial Glow

60 min


Ooh la la we bring out the big guns here! Not only do you reap the benefits of the 3 step process you will also feel and see the benefits of ultrasound, radio frequency and LED to really help boost collagen synthesis and lift tissue.

Hydrafacial LED

40 min


Complete your treatment with the powerful benefits of LED. If you suffer with acne or imbalanced skin this treatment when combined with clinical peels can really help. We recommend a course for best effects

Hydrafacial Intro

30 min


This treatment incorporates all 3 steps of Hydrafacial and can be part of your skin care routine every two weeks. Perfect for maintaining skin health

Hydrafacial Relax

60 min


In this hydrafacial we add a deeply relaxing massage. Peel and de scale with hydrabrasion Tissue stimulation with RF and LED. Massage and serum infusion.

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