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A constantly evolving skincare menu which respects the environment and educates clients to be fully aware of the choices they make for their skin.

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Bespoke Facial



All of our Facials are tailor made to fit individual requirements. Caroline’s depth of experience, education and knowledge means all Facials have been designed by her and are not at all generic.
Each Facial will include analysis of skin condition, application of cleansing and exfoliation techniques, masking (more than 1 may be used in each Facial) extractions (if required but not Milia removal). A deeply relaxing customized massage for relaxation, lymph drainage, pressure point, sinus or muscle toning. Serum, Hydrator and SPF application completes the process.

Clinical Peel Course of 6

A course of 6


Clinical Peels help restore and correct skin concerns such as sun damage and acne scarring.
A course of 4-6 peels set 2-4 weeks apart can transform incorrections and imperfections.

Clinical Peel Single



At Skinperfector we take our Peels seriously and we spend a considerable amount of time making sure we have the right Peel for you. Clinical Peels when applied correctly help with imperfections such as acne scarring, sun damage and skin ageing. A course of 4 – 6 is usually recommended. Because of the risk of photosensitivity at Skinperfector Peel season is between April – November.

Dermafrac Course of 6

From $1,125

Dermafrac painless micro needling and infusion for collagen production. Course of 6 2-4 weeks apart depending on requirements. Purchase 5 and receive 6th for FREE!!

Dermafrac Skin Rejuvenation


From $225-$235

Painless Micro Needling!!! Yes it exists. Dermafrac is a world class skin rejuvenation system which delivers superior results with no down-time. Dermafrac painlessly needles the skin whilst infusing corrective serums at the same time, with a choice of needle depth up to 5.00mm directly into the epidermal junction thus stimulating the natural production of collagen. Dermafrac incorporates microdermabrasion and the powerful benefits of LED into every treatment
If you are concerned about skin ageing, lack lustre skin or scar tissue Dermafrac has a solution for you. Even the delicate skin around the eyes and lips are treated. A course of 6 is recommended.

Epidermal Levelling



: For the instant removal of vellus hair (peach fuzz) on the face and compacted skin cells (basically 2 treatments in 1). A sterile stainless-steel scalpel gently passes over the face collecting hair and cells. Levelling will NOT increase your hair growth as it literally removes the top of the hair and does not in anyway effect the structure of the hair follicle. We recommend a treatment every 4-6 weeks. Have a look at the different options we have for this treatment. Please note Caroline holds Post Graduate Certification in this process she is highly skilled at this very delicate Facial Treatment and achieved her accreditation here in N.Z and the U.K

Epidermal Levelling with Enzyme Peel



Boost your levelling treatment with an enzyme peel to help soften the hair follicle and for added glow and hydration.

Facial/Yoga class combo

4 x classes 1 x Facial


Regular Yoga classes and Facials keep body and soul together. Book 4 x classes with Caroline and a Relaxing Facial and discover how easy it is to have perfect skin and a balanced body. Pre pay only.

Full Levelling Facial



A full facial with enzyme peel and epidermal levelling plus massage and customised mask
The ultimate in facial hydration, vellus hair removal and cellular stimulation.
Skin is left feeling soft and flawless.

Hyaluronic Infusion



If its an instant “lift” you are looking for then look no further. This patented Lifting Facial comes from France and it gives an instant result for firmer, brighter skin. We cocoon your face, neck and eyes with Hyaluronic Acid and then “snap freeze” all that goodness deep into your skin.
The consistent use of Hyaluronic Acid helps with pigmentation, acne, sun damage and lines and wrinkles.
A course of 5 weekly treatments is recommended however if you have a special occasion to attend 1 treatment is available.

I am not sure!

We will help choose your Facial,Peel,Microdermabrasion,Collagen Induction or Epidermal Levelling Facial for you...No need to worry

Kick Up The Bum Facial

45 minutes per Facial

$240 for 2 facials paid in advance.

Sometimes our skin requires some extra love. This Facial is recommended when skin is under stress. This can be due to environmental factors, trauma, illness or simply lack of regular care.
2 x Facials 2 weeks apart allows the skin to catch-up. The outcome better skin and a happier you.

Lash Tint / Brow Tint / Brow Shape


$28 Per Area

Enhance your Facial with some colour to your lashes and brows and create more space around your eyes with a brow shape. We use vegetable-based dyes and have a full range of colour to choose from. PLUS we will tidy your unruly brows for FREE whenever you book your tinting appointment.

MAX LED Facial Therapy



Our LED system was designed by NASA! For returning astronauts to help heal and strengthen their skin. We use it today to help with a multitude of skin issues Max has 7 different light colours that work on different layers of the skin. We can treat acne, rosacea, collagen loss and excema. Simply book your MAX experience with us and we will help give your skin the glow it deserves

MAX LED Microdermabrasion



This Facial is perfect for balancing the skin. A full face of Customised Microdermabrasion and LED therapy will not only boost collagen production it will boost your confidence too!

MAX LED Therapy course of 5



A course of LED light can dramatically improve your skin. Book weekly sessions over 5 weeks for best results. Pre book and pre pay only.

MAX LED Tripple Threat Peel



Our Tripple Threat Enzyme Peel transforms skin texture in 1 application and helps with problem skin and pigmentation.

Mangawhai Revitalise

45 minutes


Living at the beach is good for us but not so good for our skin. Caroline designed this Facial for Mangawhai clients to help deep cleanse the skin and reduce sun damage. We use an organic enzyme peel to flush blocked pores and customised Microdermabrasion to lift and impurities and stimulate circulation. A soothing mask will correct skin tone and a shoulder massage will add to this heavenly Facial experience.

Micro and Soothing Mask



We have plenty to choose from! We believe Microdermabrasion can make or break your beauty experience at Skinperfector we really know how to adapt our technique to suit each individual. Microdermabrasion gently lifts compacted cells from the surface of the skin via a sterile head which contains a vacuum. The head of the machine passes over the whole face and neck and it feels like an invigorating massage, the end result soft glowing skin with NO downtime. Have a look at the different options we have for this treatment.

Milia Removal

From 15m


Milia are those hard little "golf ball" type lumps which appear especially around the eyes and upper cheeks. We skillfully and painlessly remove them with a surgical Milia needle so that you don't end up scarring yourself!

Mini Micro



Cleanse, Tone Micro, Moisturiser and SPF makes this treatment an instant lunch time fix! Leave the clinic feeling smooth and refreshed.

Mini Micro Course of 4



If you have problem skin or want to maintain your healthy glow. A course of Micro will keep your skin in top shape. We recommend a Micro bi-weekly... PLUS we will add a FREE Enzyme Polish on your first visit.

Nappage Mesotherapy Course of 6 with LED

A course of 6


A course of 6 treatments 2 weeks apart will stimulate collagen production plus the benefits LED or a corrective mask treatment will ensure superior results.

Nappage Mesotherapy Luxe



Nappage Mesotherapy is a pain free rejuvenation treatment which delivers amino acids, vitamins and hyaluronic acid into the epidermis. Plus enjoy the benefits of a full facial to enhance the Nappage experience.

Nappage Mesotherapy Single with LED or Corrective Mask



We use the Nappage technique for collagen induction and precise positioning of active ingredients into the skin. This is an advanced technique whereby topicals such as hyaluronic acid, enzymes and antioxidants are introduced into the epidermis via a syringe and fine needle. The skin is gently pricked which causes a “trauma” which in turn helps with collagen production. The end results Red Carpet ready skin! soft, dewy and super hydrated.

Prescription Treatment



This 45 minute treatment is one of our top selling Facials and really packs a punch!. It is perfect for maintaining your skin on a regular basis. Each facial targets skin concerns such as congestion, dehydration and dry lack luster skin.

Stem Cell Micro Mix



Pack a punch to your next micro session with the added benefits of plant stem cell technology. This plant based stem cell mask infusion will help brighten and strengthen the skin on your face, neck and eyes all in one treatment. Diamond Head Microdermabrasion will gently lift debris from the pores and stimulate micro circulation and the benefits of stem cell technology ensure a superior result.

The Hydra 7 Facial



The Hydra 7 Facial incorporates 7 different modalities and or topicals. Designed by Caroline to be a superior Hydra Facial the results speak for themselves. The perfect red carpet treatment. Collagen production. Increased H2O. Reduced pore size. Instant firmness. Even pigment. Best Facial Ever

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